APA Dissertation Formatting Service

Formatting is generally considered the last thing to be given attention to. Many students like you prepare a rough draft first and plan to edit and format according to the guidelines at the final stage. But it is best you clear your doubts at this initial stage otherwise you will be confused and overwhelmed if you wait till the last minute.

If you have already prepared your dissertation or are among those geeks who know how to research but don’t have a way with layout, margins and presentations, you have landed the exact page. At docformatting.com, we are the wiz designers, the pros who love to work with formats and layouts. Our weakness is that we can’t stand a missing space or a collapsed heading w.r.t the subsequent paragraph. Improving the look and feel of a document is what we are most efficient at.

With years of experience in handling research documents, we have understood what Universities ask for through the complicated definitions and principles. You can now get away with these worries and let us do the needful.

Underneath, we share some common dissertation formatting rules:

  • Use 10-12 times roman font in the entire document.
  • Use 1.5 to 1 inch margins in the top, bottom and right of the document; double space the document abstract, paragraph indent of 0.5 inches. If block quotes are used, use an indentation to make them distinct.
  • Number the pages from page one in the bottom center or right corner.
  • Tables and figures must fit within the margins, and labeled correctly as per the table of contents. You can rotate or shrink them so that they fit into the documents’ margins exactly.
  • Use a consistent distinct style in headings and captions.
  • Complete all references according to the right conventions of the paper. It should be single spaced with a line left between the entries.
  • Make a distinct TOC or table of contents, with headings same as that in the dissertation chapters.

A well formatted and designed document brings life to your text; it highlights the real context and relevance of your hard work. An influencing layout definitely enhances the meaning of your study. Create a dissertation that offers a pleasant reading to your audience. Contact today at info@docformatting.com.