Research Paper Formatting Service

Since you have completed the drafting part of your research paper, you must relax that the bulky time consuming task is over. Now, just a slight push will take it across the finish line. This slight push is dependent on the final touch to the format and presentation of your paper.

Ensuring that each section is correctly drafted as per the defined guidelines, we at, have empanelled a team possessing thorough knowledge on the varied writing styles, such as Harvard, APA, OSCOLA, Chicago, AMA and many others. The most widely adopted styles for research paper writing by Universities globally are the APA and MLA writing and citation guide.

There may be other instructions to be adhered to as directed by your college professor. The following can be some major steps to be followed while formatting a research paper. Unless mentioned, the conventions of APA and MLA are almost the same.

  • Step 1: Select a paper size of 8.5 inch by 11 inch; margin of 1 inch at the top, bottom, left, and right; spacing double; 12 pt. font times roman for MLA, for APA times or courier, figures in APA have sans serif font though; alignment is flush left; Paragraph indent in MLA with 5 spaces, APA has 5-7 spaces indent; One space left after period (could be 2 as well).
  • Step 2: Page numbers on every page flush right ½ inch from both top and right corner. However, in MLA, name is followed by page number and is used on each page. In APA, running heading is used wherein 2- 3 words of the title are used with 5 spaces from left of page number is used.
  • Step 3: Title page in MLA is used only if requested in upper left corner, put name, teacher’s name, course and number and date. In APA, 1 line below page number put running header flush left with all uppercase. Also, put below running header paper title, name, and name of school, all centered.

First sectional headings are not underlined with the first letter capitalized. In APA second sectional heading flush left and italicized.

  • Step 4: Place tables and illustrations close to related text in MLA. In APA, they appear at the end in separate sections. Table is labeled Table #no. where title appears flush left above the table capitalized like title. Flush left, put notes and source. Also, in APA each table is on a separate page with Table #no. flushed left on the first line below page number. Double-space flush left italicized title. In MLA, photos, graphs or diagrams are labeled as fig #no. in italics where label, title and source can be put below fig flush left in a continuous block. In APA, caption on the last page italicized for figure, only one per page.
  • Step 5: Both APA and MLA have the following sections beginning on a separate page.

• Title page • Abstract • Body • References • Appendixes

In APA you have additional pages, namely, • Footnotes • Tables • Figure Captions

For researches based in the field of social sciences, the above-mentioned are the most commonly adopted formatting style. Even a minor error in your paper’s layout and format can make way for rejection. Therefore, opting for our proficient service by experienced and trained editors would surely prove advantageous to you. So, contact today at